Recovery Direct Alcohol Rehab in South Africa

Welcome to Recovery Direct

Recovery Direct is a new generation of alcohol addiction recovery centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. We follow an appreciative care model that enables you to work on the key issues causing the alcohol use cycles.

Therapy Counselling

Personal Therapy

Talk therapy gives you the platform to focus your attention on what is causing the behaviour and to come up with a progressive strategy with your counsellor to guide you into your recovery journey.

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The Private Centre

The Cape Town Centre bridges the gap between super luxury executive care and good value for money treatment. Wether in the exec suites or our standard suites we do not compromise on our therapeutic care model remains the same.

Learn About Alcohol Use Disorders

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction (use disorder) is characterised by an obsessive, need to drink alcohol, loss of control over your drinking habits and development of a strong physical and psychological dependence on alcohol.


Because people that have been living with an alcohol use disorder need care to recover, not victimisation, ostracization and humiliation.

Alcohol Treatment Centre

Looking at the options available for alcohol addiction treatment in South Africa we had little choice but to start this programme. Instead of commiting people into spiritual recovery we try to understand what went wrong for them and how we can start a journey forward.

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What We Do

Substantially different treatment

  • Non 12 Step Psychological Recovery
  • 2x Individual Sessions A Day
  • 2x Dedicated Counsellors
  • Non-punitive Care Model
  • Holistic Healing Programs
  • Online Psychoeducation Program
  • Live Intergration Program

What People Are Saying

South Africa’s best trauma and alcohol rehab centre.

  • "You guys are truely miricle workers. RD team are amazing."

  • "I feel better every day! Thank You RD for making my life bearable again."

  • "I now understand why I did what I did. I no longer live in shame of my trauma."